Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wonder Web Wednesday - Caroline Groves

 This beautiful site showcases the bespoke shoes of Caroline Groves. 

The footwear is exquisite, handmade using the
 finest leathers and materials available, each individually fitted. 

Caroline's Cotswold based atelier welcomes 
the elite of the world, with a starting price of £1800.

The site is easy to navigate, includes many short videos of different aspects of her work, and links to her blog, her press, and a gallery of shoes that is brilliant - showcasing full pictures and then several detail shots as well for each shoe.

Most of us will probably never be able
 to afford to own bespoke shoes -
 but this website makes it a lot of fun to dream.


  1. LOVE the white ones (second picture)!! But I would have to take out a loan for them!

  2. Bobbie - Yes, indeed, for me these are just dream shoes!