Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm In CPS Studios!

 Altered by the Sea Studio is in the
Winter Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios
 magazine that went on sale yesterday at newsstands.

I'm quite pleased with the article, they
 did very little editing to what I sent in.

My younger daughter Jenny did  a 
beautiful job with the photography, 
this is her first photo credit in a national magazine!

At the beginning of January I set myself a goal of submitting my studio (getting the pictures taken, writing the submission paragraphs, etc.) and hopefully seeing it in the magazine by year's end.  It feels quite good to have accomplished this!


  1. Congratulations !!! (to Jenny, too!)

  2. Wow!! Congrats, my friend. I will be jumping on getting my copy this weekend.

  3. Sharon - Thanks, they did a great job, such a thrill to see my studio in print!

  4. Okay, baby!! I'm getting this Sunday!! I may get two or three!

    Even if I do say myself... I already KNOW how amazing your studio is...

  5. Chris - Of course you do. You slipped a bunch of it in your coat pocket, heh, heh!