Monday, November 26, 2012

Jasper Johns @ MOMA

 A wonderful stop at the San Francisco MOMA on our recent Thanksgiving trip to see the Jasper Johns exhibit that just opened and is running through February.

A nice selection of Johns' work - many of the number series, flags,targets and his "Seasons".  Also a fairly recent piece called "Bush Baby" that is being exhibited for the first time.

This 0-9, my personal favourite was not there, 
but there was plenty of artwork to see and absorb.

After finishing the Johns' exhibit I went to the 2nd floor permanent collection to visit this Robert Rauschenberg peice Collections.  I could stand and gaze at this piece for hours (and I have several times)and still find something new. For all of us who are mixed media artists I feel this piece is seminal to our art form. What we do is all here.  It's one of those pieces that must be seen in person to appreciate.  The textures, the layers, the colours.  Simply brilliant.


  1. Aren't museums just the best? Denver Art Museum has 2exhibits on now that I would like to visit for an hour every day. #1 to do homage to Van Gogh #2 To bask in the glory of the African Anit...don't know th spelling mixed-media pieces But mostly to admire the undaunted determination to make art that connects us all. Thanks for your blog. Lori at Art Camp for Women

    1. Lori - I feel so fortunate to live here on the central coast and be only a few hours away from LA and San Francisco and have access to all their wonderful museums.

  2. I can totally see Johns as an inspiration, even though his colors are not ones I usually work with. I love his work. And yours!

  3. Chris - It was great to see so many of his pieces in person. I think those of us in mixed media owe a debt to both Johns and Raushcenberg.