Thursday, November 8, 2012

Front and Back

At the workshop with Anne Bagby she told us it's always a great idea to collage the backs of your small canvas boards and use a small detail brush to paint the sides black. This gives the work a wonderful "finished" look.

 There wasn't time to do this at the workshop   
 but I have done so now that I'm back home again.

 Here are two of the 5x7" collages I did
with their now collaged back sides.

Anne said she often puts a bunch of these in a basket at a show and people love to go through them - enjoying both sides.  A great idea for my next studio sale.


  1. Wow! Great idea. I've never done this with my canvas boards. Now I can tell Cathie I'm buying new canvas boards so I can plan coordinating backs!

    She will, of course, love this.

  2. Chris - "Yes really sweetie, I buying these so I can collage the backs"! - that'll fly.