Monday, March 30, 2015

Hunting and Gathering

Had a good time over the weekend hunting and gathering through my extensive stash. I love doing this, because even with my organizing skills, I always find things I forgot I had or in some cases, things I don't remember how or when they showed up.

I have several ideas for this piece, so will let things sit for a spell and see what they tell me to do.  My daughter Bronwyn, who is an excellent writer, often says that her characters take on a life of their own and tell her what to write next! And sometimes that's the case with my art work, the various components let me know how they should be arranged and the different colours and textures to use in the piece.

At the moment I'm leaning towards orange and blue,
 but we'll see what happens in the end.

Stick around for the excitement and 
we'll see what the ephemera tells me!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vermont Treasure Box

Now this piece took just a bit of hunting and gathering, not much "marinating" time and went together in less than half and hour!  Just a bit different from the Cornwall Journal, LOL!

I found the tiny (4 x 2.25") wooden box at a huge estate sale in Cambria a few years ago. There was a very large wood-working shed full of old tools.  Including this vintage "bit" box with the company name, Vermont Tool and Die Company, Newport, Vt., on the sliding lid.

I had the idea that opposites would attract in this case, hence the porcelain "frozen charlottes", the cameo, the dainty crocheted flowers.  I love the way all that looked against the rustic, vintage wood.

I found the blue flower trim in my stash and affixed it with heavy gel medium (as I did everything else) around the edge of the box.

It seems like the sort of "treasure" box a 10 year old would have carried in a pocket a hundred years ago and pulled out now and then to show good friends.  I have to admit, it was sorta fun to finish a piece so quickly!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lovely Trip!

Amazing! My first trip to the Getty Museum -
 simply beautiful grounds and buildings.
We spend the afternoon and barely touched the 
surface of what's on offer.

I'm already looking forward to going back sometime 
and perusing the illuminated manuscript section.

Burial at Sea

But this time was for J M W Turner and
what marvelous works they were.
  I had seen one or two of his pieces at various museums, 
but to see so much of it, covering all periods of his life's work
was truly a delight.

 Long Ship's Lighthouse, Land's End

These were two of my favourites, the way he captured
 water and wind, smoke - such ephemeral moments
 caught forever by his brushwork.

And we started the day with a lovely
 visit with artist Marylinn Kelly.
When Margot, Marylinn and I get together,
 the chat never stops - 
art, mysteries, wearable art, 
the glory days of newspaper reporting,
 what we're currently working on, 
and the exact location
 of Phillip Marlowe's office.  
A truly magical day filled with joy and wonder!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Going to the Getty!

We haven't been to an exhibition in awhile but today's the day!  The JMW Turner exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 

Traveling can be a bit dicey, because I'm never sure how I'll feel, but when this came up and I'm actually feeling pretty good we decided to go for it.

Haven't seen a lot of Turner in person so am really looking forward to it. And insterestingly enough I've never been to the Getty! After a mid-morning visit with mixed media artist extraordinaire Marylinn Kelly (mail art, rubber stamp designer and True Color  artist) we'll head to the museum and then have a leisurely drive home after rush hour.  I'll report in on Thursday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Frrewell Cornwall, Hello London!

May 24, 1910

It is hard to believe weve been here for over a week
already!  Our train back to London leaves on Friday
afternoon.  It will be difficult to say good-bye St. Ives
 is so lovely and everyone weve met has been friendly
and welcoming.  After our adventures yesterday, we plan to
stick close to home today, maybe a foray into town after
luncheon for some window shopping and a stop at Mrs.
Curddles Tea Shop.  The Trevethins have invited us on an
excursion to the moors tomorrow.  We will take the train 
and then a carriage to Bodmin and the surrounding area.
They say there is a circle of standing stones and King

Arthurs pool nearby!

May 25, 1910

What a time we had today!  First a tiny train along the
 north coast.  Then a carriage across Bodmin Moor.  We did
see King Arthurs pool, where legend has it that he threw
Excalibar  in and the lady of the lake raised her arm and
and caught it as it hit the water.  And the standing stones
had a magic all their own.  Touching them, knowing they were
raised thousands of years ago felt truly mystical.
We had lunch at Jamaica Inn, and then took a closer look at
Brown Willy and Rough Tor.  The carriage almost missed
the train back, but we all leapt on safely and steamed our
way to St. Ives.  Very tired, but so pleased with our sight-
seeing today.  One more whole day here and then Friday we

board the express back to London.

May 26, 1910

We decided to spend the day walking around St. Ives, after
luncheon we spent time on the beach seeking shells and
 watching the waves.  We had a lovely dinner out with the
Trevethins.  We cant thank them enough for all the treats
and trips.  What lovely people.  Will pack in the morning
and be ready to take the local train down to Penzance
and then the express to London back home to real life.

May 27, 1910

Writing this last entry in my journal on the train as we steam
through the Devon countryside.  Victoria is already planning
A return trip next year!  We did have a brilliant time
and  have memories to fill our hearts for many a month to
come.  I plan to nap a bit now and dream of my magic springtime

in Cornwall.

And so ends Rose's journal of a Cornwall holiday in the spring of 1910. I had so much fun working on this, gathering the ephemera, writing the journal entries and putting the whole thing together.
Hope you enjoyed it also!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cornwall 1910, Part II

Back in St. Ives with Rose and Victoria - 
a picture from a local photography shop,
 Rose on the left and Victoria on the right.

May 20, 1910

Today we spent time in St. Ives, visiting the shops along
the High Street and several of the art galleries.  Both
Victoria and I had a brilliant time picking out lovely
little things to bring home for our families and friends.
In one of the galleries, there were beautiful small
paintings featuring local vistas of the sea shore and
white washed cottages. I picked out several as presents
and am saving a rather smashing one of the west beach
at sunset for myself as a lasting remembrance of this
time.  We also found a photography studio and had our

portrait taken.   Rose and Victoria in Cornwall!

May 21,  1910

Today we packed a picnic and took the little shuttle
train to a beautiful cove that was filled with seals! 
Such a treat to see them up close and in the sea, very
different from their cement pond at Regents Park Zoo.
The sun was warm, but there was a delicious cool breeze
blowing in off the water.  We dined on ham and cheese
sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and clotted
cream, and a light Victoria sponge.  We made our tea over
a fire of driftwood and then napped in the sun. Tomorrow,
after church, we have been invited to a local sculptresss
house for luncheon and to see her work. I know I will
sleep well tonight after our day in the open air and


May 22, 1910

A lovely church service the vicar gave a good
 sermon and was very welcoming to Victoria and
me afterwards.  He spent several years in a parish
 in Chelsea and was eager to hear of news from
the big smoke.

Our luncheon was a real treat freshly caught
 crab with lashing of Cornish butter,  a delicious rice
 and vegetable dish and a sherry-laced trifle for afters.
 The sculptress, Regina Worthing, is a brilliant artist and
so much fun to talk to. Shes lived in St. Ives for about 10
years now and is becoming much recognized in artistic
circles.  She studied at the Slade in London and several
times a year invites artists from different parts of
the country (and France as well) to salons at her home
here in Cornwall. 

Tomorrow we plan to find the sea marsh and have a day
 of sketching the various birdlife.  This holiday has been
such fun so far, we are both so glad we decided to come.

May 23, 1910

We splurged on a full English breakfast this morning
since we knew we have a long hike to the marsh and back
 and then lots of sketching in between.  So many different
types of sea and marsh fowl, its nesting time and we
were privileged to see a few nests.  Both Victoria and
I filled page after page of our sketchbooks, making
colour notes and descriptions of the marsh and sea shore.
It was a long trek back, but Mrs. Trelawney had a scrumptious
tea all prepared.  She made all the right comments about our

pictures.  An early bed tonight!

Tomorrow, the last of the holiday and the train home to London.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cornwall 1910 - Finished at Last!

Started in late October, now done in mid March, The story of Rose and Victoria's springtime holiday to St. Ives in Cornwall in May of 1910 - the waning years of the Edwardian Era. Each spread in accompanied by a journal entry written by Rose that tells of their adventures of that particular day.

May 17, 1910                 
St. Ives, Cornwall
Arrived this morning after taking a night express down
from London to Penzance and then boarding a small train
up to St. Ives.  We are staying at Gull Cottage, just a short
walk from the High Street and the shore is nearby also. 
The mornings early chill has turned into a warm mid-day
with a delightful sea breeze. Spring blooms are everywhere,
 carpets of bluebells visible from the train windows as we sped
through the countryside, and it seems every house and shop has
hanging baskets of beautiful flowers in bright colours.
After luncheon, will stroll down to the sea to spend a

lazy afternoon reading and maybe some watercolours.

May 18, 1910
Rode on a very tiny train to Porth Kerris today. A fishing
 village clinging to the sea cliffs, with very steep lanes
leading down to the sea front.  We watched the fishermen
 bringing in their catch of pilchards.  Wandered through
 some intriguing tide pools full of small crabs and bright
 seaurchins.  A well respected potter has his shop here and
 we spent some time perusing the pieces on display.
I decided on a lovely sea blue vase, and, Victoria  a set of
delicate candlesticks in a soft ivory.  We dined on fresh
 caught crabs and a fresh baguette from a bakery next to
the restaurant,  surprisingly with a real French baker! 
Following an afternoon of exploring the surrounding woods
 and countryside, we caught the last train back to St. Ives.
I am writing this just before supper.  We are going to the home
 of Mr. and Mrs. Trevethin, friends of Victorias parents who

insisted we look them up while in St. Ives.

May 18, 1910 (late evening)

Mr. and Mrs. Trevethin were delightful!  They welcomed
Victoria and I so warmly and we felt at home in a trice.
The supper was rather topping a creamy clam chowder,
Followed by fish in a lemon dill sauce that was light
and piquant, accompanied by new potatoes and fresh
baby peas (from Mrs. Trevethins kitchen garden.  We
Londoners tend to forget that Cornwall is blessed by
the Gulf Stream and Spring comes much earlier here at
Lands End.  We have even seen palm trees!  Over coffee
the Trevethins talked to us about things to do during
our time here in St. Ives.  More tomorrow, dear journal,
but fresh sea air and good food have rendered me
exceedingly sleepy. And so to bed!

May 19, 1910

I am lingering over tea here in the breakfast room at
Gull Cottage. Our hostess, Mrs. Trelawney, is an excellent
Cook and her scones are light as air.  Victoria has stepped
out to the High Street to find some beach shoes nothing
she brought along is doing the job.  I took the chance to
stay and write.  Soon I will go out to the garden and
paint awhile, the flowers are brilliant and several
birds come to the feeders that are scattered around.
Mrs. Trevethin told us of a marshy area a little ways
out of town that is teeming with herons, egrets and

all sorts of water fowl.  We plan to ferret it sometime soon.

More tomorrow as Rose and Victoria continue their joyous holiday!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Michael's

 The second half of the Michael's buying frenzy!

Very cool ceramic embellishments,

Blue mesh with tan twine woven in...

... these small denim panels in blue and tan. 
Both of which are perfect for an upcoming
Civil War project I have in mind.

And I discovered a new, to me, magazine -
  Just Steampunk!  Will have fun pursing this one I'm sure!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gotta Love Michael's!

At my retirement party last May my oh-so- yes-we-get-you friends
 gifted me with an incredible amount of Michael's gift cards.  And of course, since daughter
Jenny is a Michael's manager in Santa Maria, every gift card was actually worth more
because I get her friends and family discount.  So here it is March, 10 months later
and I still had one card left with a goodly amount on it.

Older daughter Bronwyn had some extra time to get to the airport for her
trip back home, so since Michael's is about three blocks away, I said let's
go use up my last gift card.

So we did!  She got a few cool things to take back with her - that would
fit in the carry-on, and I got the cool stuff you see here.

Love it all, but my faves are the denim ribbon and denim tags!
The possibilities - stamping on them, stenciling on them - you get the idea!

Also cool retro labels in a size and colour I didn't have,
and gears - this steampunk gal can't pass up a new pack of gears!
Exciting use of the last of the gift cards - thanks everyone.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Goodies in the Mailbox!

Love these cards from Lynne Perrella -
based on the art of Romare Beaden, 
and using photos taken by Lynne's husband
 John on a hospice visit to South Africa.

As always Lynne's use of design and 
colour shine through
 and make these very special little pieces of art.

In the same mail run, I also received this gorgeous vintage
 wall paper sample roll from 
a wonderful friend up in Los Gatos.

Here's the pattern up-close.

And she topped it off with these ever 
delightful retro sewing thread spools.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Life on the Coast

Spring's on it's way here on the Central Coast of California -
 fields of wild mustard along the Cambria shoreline.. 

Early poppies (our state flower) along Hwy 1.

And beautiful Scotch Broom on the hills above Morro Bay.