Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lovely Trip!

Amazing! My first trip to the Getty Museum -
 simply beautiful grounds and buildings.
We spend the afternoon and barely touched the 
surface of what's on offer.

I'm already looking forward to going back sometime 
and perusing the illuminated manuscript section.

Burial at Sea

But this time was for J M W Turner and
what marvelous works they were.
  I had seen one or two of his pieces at various museums, 
but to see so much of it, covering all periods of his life's work
was truly a delight.

 Long Ship's Lighthouse, Land's End

These were two of my favourites, the way he captured
 water and wind, smoke - such ephemeral moments
 caught forever by his brushwork.

And we started the day with a lovely
 visit with artist Marylinn Kelly.
When Margot, Marylinn and I get together,
 the chat never stops - 
art, mysteries, wearable art, 
the glory days of newspaper reporting,
 what we're currently working on, 
and the exact location
 of Phillip Marlowe's office.  
A truly magical day filled with joy and wonder!


  1. How gorgeous. I haven't been to the Getty in so many years. From the aerial view, I would say it has expanded quite a bit. Hope to go back again. One needs more than a day to see it all, that's for sure.

    How fun that you got together with Marylinn. I've never met her in person, but admire her greatly from online, and have a lot of her stamp designs. Love her writing!

  2. Barbara - We knew as soon as we got there that we would have to go back sometime (maybe several times!) and yes, what a treat to spend time with Marylinn!

  3. Oh! I wish I'd been with you. What a fun trip.