Monday, March 2, 2015

Affix, Attach and Assemble!

Spent a few happy hours in the studio - 
with heavy gel medium and matte medium.

Getting paper ephemera and heavier embellishments
 put down in the Cornwall Journal.

Have had this bit of patchwork for
 years waiting for the right project!

Clips help hold things over night til they're really dry.

Having fun doing multiple layers of
 journal entries, ephemera and scrap.

About a third of the way done - will keep you posted.


  1. Very cool ~ love seeing it come together!

  2. bobbie- Me too - after all that "marinating" it's great to see it take shape.

  3. You inspire me to stick with big projects that take time. I never feel that you are hurrying anything. It was great seeing all your work exhibited when we came to visit a few years ago. They just about sing about care and the march of history!

  4. Chris - this time there was no hurrying. Cancer slows things down, but in-between napping - find me at the studio table - retirement allows lots of ART TIME!!!