Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gotta Love Michael's!

At my retirement party last May my oh-so- yes-we-get-you friends
 gifted me with an incredible amount of Michael's gift cards.  And of course, since daughter
Jenny is a Michael's manager in Santa Maria, every gift card was actually worth more
because I get her friends and family discount.  So here it is March, 10 months later
and I still had one card left with a goodly amount on it.

Older daughter Bronwyn had some extra time to get to the airport for her
trip back home, so since Michael's is about three blocks away, I said let's
go use up my last gift card.

So we did!  She got a few cool things to take back with her - that would
fit in the carry-on, and I got the cool stuff you see here.

Love it all, but my faves are the denim ribbon and denim tags!
The possibilities - stamping on them, stenciling on them - you get the idea!

Also cool retro labels in a size and colour I didn't have,
and gears - this steampunk gal can't pass up a new pack of gears!
Exciting use of the last of the gift cards - thanks everyone.


  1. You had me at retro labels. Blue retro labels. I sometimes wonder about us (all of us, we know who we are) but I don't wonder for very long. Happy finds, my friend. xo

  2. Marylinn - I do that wonder-thing too, and then I think "Wait a minute - how cool to be us and for those of us out there to hve found each other - Retro label lovers unite!!"

  3. Me loves me some retro labels, too! What a great club we are!

  4. bobbie - They are so great! I use them on everything.

  5. How cool. What a haul. I love seeing the things that perhaps I also bought, and then the things that I go "oh darn, why didn't I see that". LOL I had not been in a MIchaels store in over a year, and finally went looking for one thing (they didn't have it) but ended up spending a bundle on clearance stuff, and seeing lots of new things I didn't know about.