Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cornwall 1910, Part II

Back in St. Ives with Rose and Victoria - 
a picture from a local photography shop,
 Rose on the left and Victoria on the right.

May 20, 1910

Today we spent time in St. Ives, visiting the shops along
the High Street and several of the art galleries.  Both
Victoria and I had a brilliant time picking out lovely
little things to bring home for our families and friends.
In one of the galleries, there were beautiful small
paintings featuring local vistas of the sea shore and
white washed cottages. I picked out several as presents
and am saving a rather smashing one of the west beach
at sunset for myself as a lasting remembrance of this
time.  We also found a photography studio and had our

portrait taken.   Rose and Victoria in Cornwall!

May 21,  1910

Today we packed a picnic and took the little shuttle
train to a beautiful cove that was filled with seals! 
Such a treat to see them up close and in the sea, very
different from their cement pond at Regents Park Zoo.
The sun was warm, but there was a delicious cool breeze
blowing in off the water.  We dined on ham and cheese
sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and clotted
cream, and a light Victoria sponge.  We made our tea over
a fire of driftwood and then napped in the sun. Tomorrow,
after church, we have been invited to a local sculptresss
house for luncheon and to see her work. I know I will
sleep well tonight after our day in the open air and


May 22, 1910

A lovely church service the vicar gave a good
 sermon and was very welcoming to Victoria and
me afterwards.  He spent several years in a parish
 in Chelsea and was eager to hear of news from
the big smoke.

Our luncheon was a real treat freshly caught
 crab with lashing of Cornish butter,  a delicious rice
 and vegetable dish and a sherry-laced trifle for afters.
 The sculptress, Regina Worthing, is a brilliant artist and
so much fun to talk to. Shes lived in St. Ives for about 10
years now and is becoming much recognized in artistic
circles.  She studied at the Slade in London and several
times a year invites artists from different parts of
the country (and France as well) to salons at her home
here in Cornwall. 

Tomorrow we plan to find the sea marsh and have a day
 of sketching the various birdlife.  This holiday has been
such fun so far, we are both so glad we decided to come.

May 23, 1910

We splurged on a full English breakfast this morning
since we knew we have a long hike to the marsh and back
 and then lots of sketching in between.  So many different
types of sea and marsh fowl, its nesting time and we
were privileged to see a few nests.  Both Victoria and
I filled page after page of our sketchbooks, making
colour notes and descriptions of the marsh and sea shore.
It was a long trek back, but Mrs. Trelawney had a scrumptious
tea all prepared.  She made all the right comments about our

pictures.  An early bed tonight!

Tomorrow, the last of the holiday and the train home to London.


  1. ***Sigh*** You've done such a magical job with this!

  2. bobbie - Thanks, one more post to reach the end of their holiday!

  3. It is easy to share their open-hearted enjoyment of the holiday with its sights and experiences. I'm so glad they sat for the photo, such a keepsake. It feels remarkably true to the era, a bit of time travel to take us away from today's headlines. xo