Friday, March 20, 2015

Frrewell Cornwall, Hello London!

May 24, 1910

It is hard to believe weve been here for over a week
already!  Our train back to London leaves on Friday
afternoon.  It will be difficult to say good-bye St. Ives
 is so lovely and everyone weve met has been friendly
and welcoming.  After our adventures yesterday, we plan to
stick close to home today, maybe a foray into town after
luncheon for some window shopping and a stop at Mrs.
Curddles Tea Shop.  The Trevethins have invited us on an
excursion to the moors tomorrow.  We will take the train 
and then a carriage to Bodmin and the surrounding area.
They say there is a circle of standing stones and King

Arthurs pool nearby!

May 25, 1910

What a time we had today!  First a tiny train along the
 north coast.  Then a carriage across Bodmin Moor.  We did
see King Arthurs pool, where legend has it that he threw
Excalibar  in and the lady of the lake raised her arm and
and caught it as it hit the water.  And the standing stones
had a magic all their own.  Touching them, knowing they were
raised thousands of years ago felt truly mystical.
We had lunch at Jamaica Inn, and then took a closer look at
Brown Willy and Rough Tor.  The carriage almost missed
the train back, but we all leapt on safely and steamed our
way to St. Ives.  Very tired, but so pleased with our sight-
seeing today.  One more whole day here and then Friday we

board the express back to London.

May 26, 1910

We decided to spend the day walking around St. Ives, after
luncheon we spent time on the beach seeking shells and
 watching the waves.  We had a lovely dinner out with the
Trevethins.  We cant thank them enough for all the treats
and trips.  What lovely people.  Will pack in the morning
and be ready to take the local train down to Penzance
and then the express to London back home to real life.

May 27, 1910

Writing this last entry in my journal on the train as we steam
through the Devon countryside.  Victoria is already planning
A return trip next year!  We did have a brilliant time
and  have memories to fill our hearts for many a month to
come.  I plan to nap a bit now and dream of my magic springtime

in Cornwall.

And so ends Rose's journal of a Cornwall holiday in the spring of 1910. I had so much fun working on this, gathering the ephemera, writing the journal entries and putting the whole thing together.
Hope you enjoyed it also!


  1. Rose & Victoria need to back for a whole summer!

    Well done, Erin ~ very well done!

  2. bobbie - A whole summer - wouldn't I love to do that! Margot and I went for a week back in Sept. 2006 and it was truly magical. We stayed in Polperro on the southern coast of Cornwall, but we did get up to St. Ives and spend a lovely time there at the galleries, shops and even stumbled on a jumble sale! Thanks for the kind words - this was a very satisfying project.

  3. I want to go to all the places named in Rosamund Pilcher's books... That would take a whole summer!

  4. I enjoyed it very much, at first feeling sure you'd found a diary among your ephemera treasures. A lovely work, making the best of your talents and favorite things. P.S. On Sunday night I came by to read what I was sure I'd missed in the past few days and they only let me see two posts!!! I thought, what fresh hell is this? Today, things appear normal. xo