Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vermont Treasure Box

Now this piece took just a bit of hunting and gathering, not much "marinating" time and went together in less than half and hour!  Just a bit different from the Cornwall Journal, LOL!

I found the tiny (4 x 2.25") wooden box at a huge estate sale in Cambria a few years ago. There was a very large wood-working shed full of old tools.  Including this vintage "bit" box with the company name, Vermont Tool and Die Company, Newport, Vt., on the sliding lid.

I had the idea that opposites would attract in this case, hence the porcelain "frozen charlottes", the cameo, the dainty crocheted flowers.  I love the way all that looked against the rustic, vintage wood.

I found the blue flower trim in my stash and affixed it with heavy gel medium (as I did everything else) around the edge of the box.

It seems like the sort of "treasure" box a 10 year old would have carried in a pocket a hundred years ago and pulled out now and then to show good friends.  I have to admit, it was sorta fun to finish a piece so quickly!


  1. It turned out awesome! I love the old, beat-up wood next to the dainty treasures.

  2. Bronwyn - Thank you - I was pleased with the result too!