Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Goodies in the Mailbox!

Love these cards from Lynne Perrella -
based on the art of Romare Beaden, 
and using photos taken by Lynne's husband
 John on a hospice visit to South Africa.

As always Lynne's use of design and 
colour shine through
 and make these very special little pieces of art.

In the same mail run, I also received this gorgeous vintage
 wall paper sample roll from 
a wonderful friend up in Los Gatos.

Here's the pattern up-close.

And she topped it off with these ever 
delightful retro sewing thread spools.


  1. Oh, you lucky girl!! Perrella love!
    I'm so glad we are both still blogging... There are so few of my blogroll who are still maintaining! I love IG too, but this is a richer feel.

  2. Chris - It does seem like a lot of folks have stopped bloging, but it gives me more time to visit the ones I follow. And yes Perrella love. She's my mentor, I drool over everything she does (well, not literally, but in my mind I'm drooling like crazy!)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies I sent!

  4. Leanne - I loved them That wallpaper is fantastic and wooden spools are always welcome. Thank you so much!