Monday, October 7, 2013

Love that Storage!

Love this 

Here's fun - look for fabulous storage ideas and pieces on the web,

love this idea...

add them to your Pinterest board,

Green-painted Wood Case of Drawers, America, mid-19th century, possibly a jeweler's box, molded top and base, with fifty-five small dovetail-constructed drawers

and then drool over them,

// swoon.

and wish they were in your studio!!


  1. The stencils resonate for me particularly, maybe the varied colors. And of course, who isn't a fool for old suitcases? Cool stuff. Thanks. xo

  2. Marylinn - I love using Pinterest to collect all these wonderful ideas and photos. It's like a giant inspiration board - which works out great for me since my studio has windows on two sides, bookcases on one side and is open to our great room on the other. So where would I hang an inspiration board?!

  3. Chris - Me too! Think of all the cool stuff that could go in those drawers!