Monday, June 16, 2014

Final Tags - Part 2

I feel a sense of accomplishment that I finished 
making a set of 2 of each of the tags for Chem 102.

 I love many of the techniques I learned and it was 
lots of fun to try out products that were new to me.

The above two use a technique called "Chalkboard" - a black tag embossed with Antiquities Frosted Crystal Embossing Powder, then rub regular chalk over it and work it in with your fingers - Voila! - it really does look like a chalk board.

These two use regular embossing powder 
and ultra thick embossing powder on
 chipboard crowns to produce a pitted metal look. 

I've put them all on a BIG key chain

and pasted the technique details on the back - 
a handy reference to return to!


  1. Great idea on the reference tags! Congrats!

  2. bobbie - That was part of the class - a PDF download with the directions all printed out and the right size to go on the back!