Friday, October 3, 2014

Art Show Wrap-Up

Great show! Happy Art Girlz!


  1. Erin, Margot, Destiny - I hope you all did well, felt rewarded for your efforts. What an impressive inventory, so much to see, to examine, from which to choose. And I bet it was a perfect day, people wanting to out, about and looking at lovely things. xo

    1. Marylinn - It was that kind of day! And we all had a wonderful time.

  2. Everything looks great! That first picture reminds me of alot of the painting stuff Aunt Margret gave me years and years ago.. I still have ALL the brushes she gave me and an old painters box like the one in the first picture... Ha.. My husband uses the brushes more then me, he is the more creative one!! :-D I love all your stuff...

  3. What a great collection and selection. Looks like such a fun and colorful exhibition. Sensational!