Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Peeling Paint

I found this wall of peeling paint layers in Graton  near the Pacific
 coast, about an hour above San Francisco

I loved all the layers and colours.

If I squinted my eyes I could almost picture old circus
 posters and Mail Pouch ads.

Beautiful textures as well!


  1. It does have a circus/carnival feel, like concession booths or maybe a place that sold fireworks. Wonderful peeling and very little fade. xo

  2. Marylinn - Wow remember those old firework stands? We'd stand in front of them forever weighing the merits of one collection over the other - the delights of anticipatin!

  3. Love these. They would look great on a wall...but probably better that you took photographs rather than the wood itself :-)

  4. Seth - LOL! You know i do pick up all kinds of detritus off the street, but so far I've drawn the line at entire walls - so far!