Friday, August 27, 2010

From the Bookshelf

This is a fascinating autobiographical look at the life and art of Nick Bantock A compendium of his life's work from early times through the publication date (2000). Nick tells of growing up in England, his days in art school, his first big break doing paperback cover illustrations, his immigration to Canada, and the world -wide attention and acclaim that followed the release of Griffin & Sabine in the early '90's. A must read and "see" for all Bantock fans.

And for those you close to Denver - a huge treat in store. MOA opens a Nick Bantock exhibition on Sept. 18, Griffin & Sabine ...and Beyond - A Nick Bantock Retrospective.
"The exhibit will consist of around 250 pieces, large and small, old and new and will fill the museum's 4000 sq ft galleries for six months. If you have the opportunity, please do go and see the show, it could well be the only time all of my works appear together."

Usually my Colorado buddies are wishing they were out here so we could go to the museums in San Francisco and Los Angeles together - but the shoe is definitely on the other foot this time!

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  1. We are SO excited about this exhibition. We feel honored to have the largest collection ever on display for this one time event. Thanks for mentioning it!
    Lonnie Hanzon
    Creative Director