Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Their Finest Hour

Their Finest Hour

The evacuation from Dunkirk, June 1940. 300,000 British servicemen brought home across the channel, in every boat the country could muster. In one of his most famous speeches Churchill said of the British people "This was their finest hour." Canvas prepared with gesso, cheesecloth, netting and pumice gel, then painted, dripped and spattered with craft acrylics and highlighted with oil pastels. Xerox copies of photographs from Dunkirk were adhered with matte medium. Embellishments include, rusty metal, wire and bullet casings. A silver shilling and organza Union Jack are the finishing touches. For this autumn's upcoming Open Studios Tour.

A bit of cheesecloth covered in orange printer's ink
topped with rusty wire

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  1. .....and you shall, once again....blow them away.