Saturday, January 5, 2013

Suitcase Saturday - Travel Score

After a year of showing you the art supplies and ephemera I keep in all my vintage suitcases I thought it would be fun to show you the myriad wonderful things I've brought home in my suitcases from my many travels here and abroad.

So on Suitcase Saturdays I'll tell a tiny bit about a trip and show a travel "score."  Let's start in Paris!

Le Bon Marche
This trip was late June of 2002 with my daughter Jenny and my best friend Susan.  We got to spend 12 days there - magnifique!  We stayed in a little hotel on the Rue du Bac a few blocks away from Le Bon Marche, one of the original department stores in Paris and  Diners en Ville a lovely  shop featuring kitchen and dining ware.

We made more than one trip to each of these. Pictured  are just three of the stylish items I picked up. There are two of these scallop plates from Diners en Ville, a steal at 75 francs (the shop still had old prices on many things which resulted in a lot of calculations - thank goodness Jenny's a wiz speaking French!)

The glass and vase were both on the clearance table at Bon Marche and to this day are still among my favourite things.


  1. That vase is to die for! TFS ~

  2. Bobbie - I love it. It looks so marvelous in the spring full of daffodils.

  3. I have a glass just like that. That was a fantastic trip! Can't wait for an opportunity to go back and use what little French I have left in my brain.

  4. Jenny - It was fantastic, wasn't it? What a wonderful experience to have in our memory banks!

  5. It looks like your suitcase did a lot of traveling! And it still looks fine from all those traveling and country-hopping! Well, if you are so much of a traveler, I think a well-built suitcase can be your trusted companion!