Saturday, January 19, 2013

Suitcase Saturday - Travel Score

This time the trip was toScotland in 2004 with daughter Bronwyn and Margot. One of the delights was roaming the Royal Mile through Edinburgh's Old Town and visiting all the shops that sold lovely woolens.

My favourite score was the scarf in the above picture, taken at Sterling Castle the day after I bought it.
It was cashmere, deliciously soft and warm.  Unfortunately a few years later I left it behind on another trip - and have deeply missed it ever since.

But still with me are these yummy green sox 
and gloves, also cashmere,

and this hearty heather blue pullover. It's so warm that there are actually few days I can wear it here on the Central Coast, but it went down a treat while in Scotland!


  1. that plaid bag is sick (the good sick).

    Travel Goodies are always the Best (second to gifts). Fun fun post!

  2. Lisa - So glad we traveled (and shopped!) before the economy tanked. Wonderful to have the memories and the scores!