Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Journal Pages

Here's a few recent pages from my current daily journal.

Several of these were completed last weekend while
 I was having a chai latte in a coffee shop in Campbell.

I used a couple of vintage photos and
 a retro sewing needle pack that
 our friend Leanne gave me.

I write quite a bit in my journals, chronicling the day's events,

and jotting down those ever important lists!!


  1. This looks like the journal you may have made in Mary Ann Moss's class? I'm about to get started on constructing mine this weekend. We're going on a trip and I want to have it with me!

  2. Chris - Good eyes! I did this one from her Full Tilt Boogie Class and I'm loving it!

  3. Very cool. Love a peek into peoples technique and what lifts them along every day!

  4. Lisa- I know! I think that accounts for the popularity of all the recent books and magazines about art journaling.