Saturday, February 2, 2013

Suitcase Saturday Travel Score

image courtesy landrtravel
Ah, Venezia!  Once seen, never forgotten
and always a longing to return.
Our trip was in 2005 and the memories are ever fresh.

The shopping opportunities in Venice are amazing and varied - 
everything from glorious paper goods to exquisite glass.

This post will concentrate on the favourite of
all mixed media artists - paper! 
And the beautiful decorative items made from it.
  Above a wonderful accordion file I use for my smaller stencils

Marbled, printed, boxes (above), folders,
portfolios, pencils and bookmarks (below).

A feast for the eye and a delight to touch.

On another post we'll check out some of the glorious books I brought home. 


 With my love of journaling it was hard not to scoop up every blank book in the many shops we visited.
Many of the proprietors, upon finding out my interest in using paper in my art work, gave me samples, old catalogs and the like, Our mutual love of beautiful paper overcame my scant Italian.


  1. Oh, when I saw Venice through the eyes of MAM, I knew I'd have to get there some day. I really want to see those papers in real life! And touch them!

  2. Chris - You two have to go - it is simply amazing. And the paper stores!!!!!!!