Friday, June 28, 2013

From the Bookshelf

This book, published in 2006, predates Jo Packham's Where Women Create fame by a few years.  It's full of great tips, techniques and how-tos for all your organizing questions.  Included are quizzes that help you find out what type of space and organizing style are best for you, delicious peeks into  studios of several nationally known creative artists, and chapters devoted to different areas of artistic endeavors.  I re-read this recently and came across some handy tips Id missed the first time around.  If you're an organizational nut like I am, or just looking for some help to get started, this is a good volume to have on your bookshelf.


  1. I have that book and several others Jo Packham organizing books - love them all.

    I grew up in Covina probably about the same time you were growing up in Azusa and now live in Ventura. I too was never given encouragement about art by my teachers. Today I am very artistic and creative. Just a few minutes ago, someone was visiting my husband's studio and turned to me and asked it I was an artist also. For the first time I said, "yes". I am creating daily now that I am retired and I told her I was a "book artist".

    I saw your blog title at Cottleston Pie on Bobbie's list of blogs she follows. We live by the sea and feel altered by the sea daily.

    1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling the first time you say "I'm an artist"?! Love Ventura! All those yummy thrift stores and wonderful old building, and, of course, always the sea.