Saturday, July 6, 2013

Suitcase Saturday - Travel Score

View from one of our favourite restaurants in La Manzanilla

In 2005 we took a delightful trip down the Pacific Coast of Mexico to La Manzanilla, a tiny fishing village about 90 minutes south of Puerta Vallarta and 30 minutes north of El Manzanillo.

 Shards used as paving on the roads throughout the village.

 Folk art Guadalupe

We spent a wonderful 10 days, eating fresh (caught that morning) shrimp, drinking excellent Mexican beer, swimming, journaling, and a bit of shopping.

Beautifully carved lady in blue

We found some marvelous folk art in small shops and brought home some to display in our Mexicolor home here on the Central Coast.

Sunflower bowl bought from a strolling vendor on the beach.

And how pleased was I when I discovered that Mexican beer wasn't the only thing that was cheaper down there -

So were Lotteria cards!