Saturday, July 20, 2013

Suitcase Saturday Score - Portobello Market, London

On our last two days in England (back in 2006) we returned to London from the Cotswolds and spent the weekend in Notting Hill so we could attend the world famous Portobello Flea Market.  It was everything we had heard and more. So many vendors, so many shops, so many wonderful pieces of ephemera, and, so many old books.

 One of my suitcases was devoted almost entirely to books. Old books, vintage books; books from the 1700's printed on letter press,

books from the late 1800's with gilt pages ends 
and hand tooled leather covers.

Vintage stamps and coins were everywhere,

 I stocked up on farthings and shillings and big Victorian coppers.

This lovely, lush cashmere scarf was the only thing I purchased at the market that wasn't vintage or antique.

And after a long morning of trolling the booths and shops, a pint and some fish and chips at The Sun in Splendor pub went down a treat!


  1. The vintage books! Squeeeee! What treasures. xo

  2. Marylinn - It was so hard not to scoop up everything I saw! Luckily limited funds and suitcase space kept me from bringing home every old book I saw. I love just looking at them and feeling them.

  3. You will bring back the Steamer Trunk for SURE. Perfect for those treasures!

  4. Lisa - But can you imagine how much the airlines would charge for that piece of extra luggage?!