Monday, September 16, 2013

Christmas in September

 Yes it's over  three months away.

But I've been busy creating these great chunky journals

with a Christmas theme!

Perfect for a holiday journal

or photo album for those December snaps.

Available at Art Girlz in Autumn this coming Sunday.


  1. Marylinn - Thanks! I hadn't planned on doing them, but my friend and fellow Art Girl Destiny was over last week doing collage and had inadvertently pick up a pack of 6x6 Christmas paper. "What'll I do with this?" she said. And I said "Give it to me, I'll make some chunky journals with a Christmas theme!" And I did.

  2. Erin, these are vintagey, festive, and cute! Thanks so much for your postcard. I wish we could make it. I will be thinking of it!

  3. Chris - I wish you could too! Some year we'll have to plan this so you can be here!