Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day Off!

 I'm taking the day off and spending it in Campbell.

 While Margot and our friend Leanne are attending a wearable
 art workshop, I'll be journaling away

right here at Orchard Valley Coffee - great scones!

When M and L are done we'll all have lunch
 together at Aqui's - great Mexican 
food with a nice healthy twist.

And if we're feeling frisky - follow it up with 
frozen custard from Willow Glen
 (one of the few frozen custard places not in the Midwest.)
Do I know how to spend a great day off or what!


  1. Yes, you do. Starting with the scones. xo

  2. Too bad Gloria doesn't have a branch in Campbell, but that just wouldn't work would it, no ocean.

  3. That sounds like just what we would do! Well, Cathie would not do the journaling, but she'd ipad.