Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Suitcase Score!

photo courtesy of

On a wonderful whirlwind trip to Portland Oregon a 
few years ago I was able to score really well!

This lovely bunch of loot came from Collage on Alberta Street.
A little bit of everything mixed media.

 These charming cast iron birds in wire nests were
found at the Japanese Gardens gift shop.

 Back on Alberta Street - beautiful handmade cards
 I try to send them to people, but haven't
 been able to part with any yet!

A fascinating old shop, across the river - full of old photos, 
vintage maps and long-ago correspondence.

Copper letters from Oblation Papers and Press.

And vintage wooden alphabet blocks from 
a quaint antique store out of town in Troutdale.


  1. Oh, the copper letters. Oh, the cricket cards. xo

  2. Marylinn - I've used the letters in several different projects. And I must admit the cricket card ended up in my Portland Travel Journal - that way I knew I'd never send it to someone and get to keep it forever!