Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Becky & Paul - Part One

Paul Perry and Becky Ewart on their 
wedding day - October 28, 1945

 A few months ago my daughter Bronwyn asked if I could do an art work about my mom and dad, her grandparents.  She knows I work better with a deadline so she said "For my birthday maybe?"  I ask what kind of piece she wanted and she said anything, the only caveat being that I needed to use these three pictures.

My mom in her backyard in Azusa, California
 during the war years.

 He grew up in Malone, New York and joined the air corps in his early ‘20’s.  He was stationed at Edwards Army Air Corps Base with his buddy Red.  One day Red was going to Azusa to meet his girlfriend Audrey and said “Why don’t you come along Paul, maybe she’s got a friend!”

She was born in Azusa, California and was still in her mid-teens when her friend Audrey said “Come out with me tonight, Red said he’d bring a friend along.”

He was 25, she was 16.  She was Presbyterian, he was Catholic. He quit school after 8th grade to help support the family, she was on her way to college.  She was outspoken, feisty and full of love.  He was quiet, thoughtful and full of love.

My dad in his Air Corps uniform in San Dimas Park, California

She wrote to him everyday when he was sent over seas – to Africa, to Italy, to France and Germany.  He was de-mobbed in early October of 1945.  As soon as he could, he hopped a cross country train to California.  There was no scheduled stop in Azusa for passenger trains, but everyone on the train said “Come on, stop so the soldier can get off and see his girl!” The train didn’t stop but slowed enough that he could jump off to the clapping and cheering of all the other passengers.

Barely 3 weeks later, on October 28, they were married at St. Frances of Rome in Azusa.  Her sister Harriet (Tat) Dark and her brother-in-law (married to her sister Betty) Everett Hendrix were the witnesses.  She wore a dress she made herself, he wore his army dress uniform. Friends and family celebrated with them at her parents’ house on Soldano Ave. in Azusa.

He and she were married for 54 years, had four children, and a very happy life together.  

On Friday I'll show you the piece of art I created for Bronwyn

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