Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love Shack Holiday

We have been promising ourselves for years that one Christmas we would steal away and quietly celebrate just by ourselves.

And this turned out to be the year.  We returned to the Love Shack just out of Ojai where we had spent a wonderful weekend a couple of years ago.

Ethereal  quiet, wood smoke from our stove, stars everywhere, a burbling  creek just outside the window.

We brought a few decorations and a small tree.

A stop in Santa Barbara on the way down for a delicious lunch
 and a stroll through the beach-side Art Walk.

And a visit to nearby downtown Ojai to see 
the Christmas sights and do some last minute shopping.

But, mostly just solitude, reading, jouranling, listening to music,

watching candles burn and being together.

Holiday bliss.


  1. It sounds glorious! Happy new Year!

  2. I love your photos, especially the one that seems to say "the road less taken." So glad you got to have the wished-for holiday. xo

  3. bobbie - It was wonderful! Always to be remembered. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Marylinn - Every once in awhile I take a photo that is really fantastic - this was one I think. Yes, we had times in the last month when we weren't sure if we'd get there, but so, so happy it worked out!

  5. Erin! This is so charming. I'm glad you guys got to do this! You are feeling good as new? I hope so. This looks like the same shake that MAM pictured on her blog a long time ago. I bet you guys talked about it!

    It's very sweet that you got a tree.

  6. Chris - It is the same place. We went a couple of years ago just after Mary Ann featured it on her blog and after that first visit we knew we wanted to spend Christmas here sometime - it was great!