Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Background Check with Seth Apter

On Friday we drove down to Fullerton where I was privileged 
to take an evening class with the inimitable  Seth Apter.

The class was called Background Check 
and we learned how to add layer

after layer after layer

of paint, gesso, and coloured glazes,

to create wonderful backgrounds,

 for journal pages and small art pieces on cradled wood panels.

It was fun to add some small embellishments to the 
wood panel pieces after returning home.

And even more fun to get to meet Seth beforehand (along with fellow-blogger and good friend Chris Miser) to have lunch and talk about our passion for mixed media art.


  1. Oh My, you lucky girl! I love Seth Apter and would love to take a class of his! And you had lunch with him?? WOW! How cool was that! Love the pieces you made!

  2. Sharon - It was very cool! I was pleased with the pieces and can't wait to try out these techniques at home.

  3. I had so much fun, Erin. I was envious of your wild abandon in completing our assignments. Your surfaces are so much more YUM than mine were. It was fun watching you create! And Seth is a joy. And so it Margot. Good times, my friend.

  4. Wonderful post Erin. Thanks for being a part of the workshop and spending time with me earlier in the day. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Margot. Fingers crossed that we can do it again!