Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Was Only 50 Years Ago

 When Hard Day's Night was first released 50 years ago, 
I was 12 and very caught up in Beatle mania.

They had first landed in the US in February of that year on 
my birthday and of course I took that as a sign -
 of what I'm not sure, but a sign nevertheless!

Margot and I went to see it at our local indy theater
 (the first time I'd watched it since the summer of '64).
It was fab!
Here's the page from my journal recording the event.


  1. That is a good brother. They became ours back then and we've held them ever since. At a few years older, a teenaged married person, I must have thought myself too old for a crush on any of them, but still. How fun that you and Margot got to share this revisiting. xo

  2. Marylinn - A very good brother - he was in high school and had no interest in The Beatles at all - he just did it 'cause he was a truly nice guy. Margot and I did have a blast - fun to share a memory from both our childhoods together.