Friday, August 22, 2014

La cage de la tête

 My daughter Jenny manages a Michael's store ( I know!)
 in Santa Maria and got me a great buy
 on these shabby chic birdcages.

Now normal people would fill them with flowers 
or bird statues or things like that,

 But me, I scoff at normal and follow
 my own off-the-wall instincts.

 I realize these won't be everyone's cup of tea,

 But I'll bet there are a few interestingly 
quirky people out there who will like them.

And for those people, the cages will be for sale 
at our annual Art Girlz in Autumn Home Show 
here at Altered by the Sea Studio in Morro Bay 
on Sunday September 28 10-5.


  1. I love the blue one ~ and O! how I wish I could be at the show!!

  2. bobbie - That would be fun - I know how much you long to see the Central Coast again. I let you know if the blue one doesn't sell.

  3. cup of tea for sure. Like them all, but the skull one sings to me. Geez...I collect birdcages too, and none of them have a bird in them either. I sure do like your style Miss Erin!

  4. Barbara - Thanks, those of us that prefer skulls in our bird cages have to stick together! LOL!