Monday, September 15, 2014

Underground London

 Underground London  20x18"

Here's the finished piece. The substrata, I picked it up at the local swap meet, is a shadowbox/faux type drawer kind of thing.  I painted the various openings in red oxide, titanium buff, and carbon black. Several of the openings have bits of The London Illustrated Times from 1860 (an eBay find several years ago) in them.

Then I used heavy gel medium to affix all 
the various pieces of 3D ephemera.  

How fun it was to go through cigar boxes, tea tins and 
vintage suitcases re-finding all these 
treasures that I've amassed over the years!

The final touch was to drip cream and red 
oxide encaustic wax over the piece.

It gives it a rather ghostly appearance, 
as on the number tag above, 
which seems to add to the illusion of history.

Underground London will be featured at the 
Art Girlz in Autumn Studio Show, 
on Sunday September 28 10-5,
here at Altered by the Sea Studio in Morro Bay.


  1. What a great way to use all those small bits we collect over the years ~ On their own, they don't seem so significant, but when collected together as you've done, they pack a punch!
    Well done!

  2. bobbie - Thank you. This piece was so much fun to work on- from the beginning hunting and gathering right through dripping on the finishing wax touches.

  3. What an amazing piece. Congrats on having it featured in the show!

  4. Seth - Thank you, I really enjoyed working on it. One of those pieces that you picture in your mind and then it turns out exactly like you thought it would.

  5. Erin - Another one that was so much fun to plan and put together!