Friday, November 21, 2014

Favourite Toy Friday

Writing about my red and yellow buckboard 
in the last post, made me think of this.

My dream toy when I was 10.  The Marx Civil War set. 
 It was a bit expensive, so I didn't have one. 
 But the little boy next door did - 
 and I occasionally got to play with his,

Ten years ago, my older daughter found one on eBay 
and surprised me for my birthday!  Every now and then I order 
some extra pieces to add to it, a dead horse, an ambulance wagon.

I was so amazed by the gift.. Even almost 50 years later,
 the magic held.  I love setting it up and playing with it.
 One of the best presents ever - 
and definitely one of the biggest surprises. 


  1. What fun for you!! I can just see you, sitting on the floor, building your army...
    Happy play time!!

  2. Chris - If anything ever existed you can find it on eBay!