Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Past Recaptured!

 I was playing around on eBay the other day and just for fun I entered some clues into the search box to see if I could bring up one of my favourite toys from over 55 years ago.

And there it was!  My good ole red buckboard with yellow wheels. Exactly the same.
Just like I remember it. We had some great times, playing with my miniature farm set and all my cowboys. Pretty cool when you can recapture such a happy part of your childhood for less than $10.00 and free shipping!


  1. Cool, no kidding, and at a good price. I had a litho tin doll house (given by a great-aunt who'd been a school teacher) that I remember spending hours with. Also cutting the hair (yikes) off my Storybook Dolls so they could be Flash Gorden and subjected to water torture by Ming the Merciless. A game I also made kids play at recess. Thank you for reminding me. xo

  2. Marylinn - Most of my dolls got scalped too! It took awhile but finally the relatives figured out I was a tom-boy!