Friday, January 16, 2015

Favourite Toy Friday

Here's what my Civil War set looked like on
 Christmas Day when I set it up on the dining table. 

 The colour of the table actually made a pretty good backdrop,
 but my friend Destiny had a better idea!

Using the pix I took on Christmas and this page from  an old Sears Christmas 
catalog, she used acrylic craft paints, brushes and sponges to make a drop
 cloth using a canvas floor cloth from Dharma Trading Company.

And here's the result, showing the supplies she used.

I'm eagerly awaiting time this weekend
 to set the whole thing up.  Thank you Destiny!


  1. A very cool treat! I can't wait to see how you set it all up ~

  2. bobbie - Destiny had so much fun doing it she's already talking about making another one!

  3. Destiny knows how to add fun to fun. What a fine idea. Let us know how the playing goes. xo

  4. Marylinn - She sure does! I will keep you posted.