Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sweet Gift!

Mixed media artist Michelle Ward likes to talk about "people who get me".  And the lovely friend who gifted me with this plethora of chocolate for the holidays certainly does "get me".  They came from a delightful little shop in Portland, Oregon that features an entire wall of fancy and imported chocolate.

The packaging is so  beautiful, It will be a struggle 
to rip it open and devour the chocolate!


  1. Dark chocolate with rose petals??? Heaven!!!

    :) If you can restrain yourself, and not tear the papers when you open them, they would make lovely additions to a journal page!

  2. Fabulous packaging, so exotic and unfamiliar. And all dark, be still my heart. Michelle is the poster girl for getting it. Yum. xo

  3. Marylinn - And all dark! Yum-yum!