Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Studio Upgrade

I have used these 10 drawer carts in my
 studio for 9 years now. 
 I love the colourful drawers
 and the storage capacity.

But after all this time, sitting in a southwest exposure, 
the plastic has started to crack and break.

 So with a combination of a Michael's Gift card
 (a retirement present), a 50% off sale and
 my Michael's store manager daughter...

I was able to get 2 of these 5 drawer rolling carts
 and 2 12x12" paper cubes.

Everything from the old carts fits,

in fact, I even have a bit more room than before!

I like the sleek clean look and ease of access.
The old ones have migrated to the garage where they 
will provided some much needed storage.


  1. Good job on the bargain hunting! I'll bet those blank sides will be decorated soon!

  2. I do love to see studio spaces...and I love the look of yours!

  3. Seth - Thanks, love reorganizing - always finding stuff I didn't know I had.