Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Road Trip

When Margot asked what I wanted for my birthday this year - I said "A road trip to Santa Barbara!"
So last week we went.  Our friend Dawn from Port Townsend was down visiting and volunteered to do the driving which was a big treat.  We started with breakfast at Tupolo Junction.  Cheese/Jalepeno grits in a shrimp and lobster gumbo along with a creamy latte and fresh squeezed orange juice.  My-my!

Then a look around Anhropologie, no big fancy displays
 this time around, but always fun to peruse

A view up State Street towards the Granada Theatre.

Then the shopping began -  Tienda Ho,

Paper Source,

The Random Store and boy is it ever!

The truly amazing Art From Scrap.

A stop by the beach to rest, where we saw a Peregrine Falcon having lunch.

The ever fascinating Antique Alley,

And a late lunch at El Bajio (La Super Rica was closed, but found this to be a great substitute).  In the next blog I'll  show you my scores from the various shops!


  1. I Love Tienda Ho!!! Such great colors & textures! Can't wait to see all your goodies!

  2. bobbie - I love their $20 clearance racks in the back!

  3. A perfect day. Tupelo Junction has be a'swoon. xo

  4. Marylinn - It really was - perfect in every way.