Friday, February 13, 2015

Birthday Score!

Birthday score!  Several Tim Holtz items,
 including, portfolios-big and small- letterpress blocks,
 "found relatives", and a rubber stamp. 
And Rare Bird of Fashion -
the story of Iris Appel's amazing fashion and jewelry collections.

Wonderful black cat from Marylinn Kelly!

The new Joni Mitchell CD and a coffee card!

A vintage punch card and retro Christmas price tags.

A very vintage suitcase made of leather with a wood frame,

decorated with Oregon State labels,

and fascinating old hardware and straps.
Happy Birthday Girl!!


  1. Lovely goodies!! I can't wait to see what you do with the Tim Holtz folios ~ I have some, and I can't decide how I want to decorate them!!
    Hope you had a fabulous birthday ~

  2. bobbie - I know. I have lots of ideas, but once I start then I'm locked in! LOL! Better to have too many creative ideas than not enough though!

  3. Boy, did you ever score. Glad it was such a grand day. xo