Thursday, February 26, 2015

Progress - Slow, Sure

Progress is being made on the Cornwall Journal -
 my wonderful Margot volunteered to drill the holes 
through the cabinet cards and postcards.

She's great at this sort of thing, and it's not my forte
so I was glad to hand it off to her expertise.

It was quite a stack to get through!

Planning embellishments for the front,

and have everything for each spread in it's own envelope, 
so I wouldn't forget anything.

Tomorrow will start the affixing with
 heavy gel medium and matte medium.

Hope to have it finished sometime this weekend -
 not bad for a project that got started last November! LOL!


  1. It is so comforting to know I'm not the only one who needs lots of marinating time!!

  2. bobbie - When I first started with mixed media I thought I needed to start something and get it done - but over the years I've learned that that resting or "marinating" time is so important - all part of the process. I know it's made me a better artist. Funny how sometimes we fight things and they realize it's just what's needed. Fellow marinaters unite!

  3. I admire and envy your sense of order, recognizable as such, all the more so for going hand-n-hand with creativity. This looks like a joyous, meaningful project. xo

  4. Marylinn - I've always been organized, but finding it even more important now with my mind so full of dealing with with the cancer. Hence the envelopes for each page - I knew if I didn't do that I'd forget something until it was too late! More progress shots soon!