Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

This year I decided to build my ofrenda on my beautiful Mexican chair. This chair has special meaning to me. I was able to purchase it from Luna Rustica in San Luis Obispo about 9 years ago. At the time I had no extra money and was struggling to support a family of four on my small salary alone. But when I saw this chair I knew I had to have it. Even though at the time the shop did not have a lay away policy, they allowed me to pay a bit every week for several months until the chair was mine.

It became a symbol to me - if something really speaks to you and you really want it, you can find a way to make it work. I often think this chair was my first step to finding the courage I needed to start my new life. And so it seems appropriate to use it as my altar for this year's Dia del los Muertos. Tomorrow - the stories of the people that this is dedicated to.


  1. The chair is bright and happy and strong...sounds like the perfect metaphor for a new start on life.


  2. Stunning. absolutely beautiful.

  3. I love what that chaor symbolizes! It's beautiful indeed :)

  4. I love your post. The chair is beautiful. I would love to have a chair like that. Thanks so much.

  5. it is a gorgeous chair- and an inspiring story that belongs to it and a wonderful symbol of your courage. it's also perfect for your ofrenda!

  6. I just discovered Stephanie Hilvitz's blog and all the links to Dia de Los Muertos posts!

    Your chair was and still must symbolize something very special in your life. Very nice post!

    Have a great hair day! Becci