Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Young Naturalist

The Young Naturalist

This piece was complied in a vintage 35mm slide box - very well-worn, complete with rusty hinges and torn leather- that belonged to Margot's family. I went wild and filled it with everything I could think of; test tubes, old bottles with cork stoppers, bottles with droppers, dried pods and foliage, a glass display box holds butterflies, bees and other assorted insects (all found expired), bits of bone and wood, and a fascinating eBay find - a 1937 toy microscope of cast iron. In the lid, a Cavallini & Co. file folder featuring butterflies and a 7 Gypsies specimen bag containing sketches and field notes.

I also made a small altered book to fit in the assemblage using a child's board book - old pages from vintage field guides, photos and drawings of insects and ink stained graphs and charts - all held between covers decorated with dragonfly embellishments. In short, everything the "young naturalist" needs!

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