Thursday, June 24, 2010

Atomic Lemon

Yes! It is almost 6" high!

One of the many great things about living on the Central Coast of California is being able to walk to the backyard and pick lemons. Our neighbours have several trees that back up on our fence and hang over into our yard. So not only do we get lemons, but we don't even have to do any maintenance on the trees - such a deal! I found this giant specimen on our deck the other day - yes, it is a lemon and yes, it is huge. Margot immediately dubbed it Atomic Lemon. You can see by the 6" ruler just how over-sized it is.

We've had fun dressing it up in different outfits (we don't have cable) and over the course of the summer, Atomic Lemon will grace these posts in all its varied glory. Watch for it!


  1. Oh, please. We don't have cable either so you KNOW I'll be back. The cast of Merchant of Venice? Supreme Court Justices? A day at the DMV? Lemon, atomic and versatile, tell us your stories.

  2. It weighs a ton, too!!! It has hide like a rhino, this lemon.