Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water & Stone

Water & Stone - 16 x 20"

Several weeks ago I did my first landscape, Harmony Hills, using red rosin techniques on canvas and I thought it would be fun to try a seascape. Here's the result - Water & Stone, a depiction of Morro Rock and the surrounding bay. I gessoed the canvas using cheesecloth to form the rock and the clouds, and Golden Pumice Gel for the foreground and sandbar to the left of the rock. Acrylic craft paints in various greens and blues were used for the water and sky. The rock I covered with Golden Glaze -Asphaltum . Portfolio Water soluble Oil Pastels were used to add green accents to the rock and the sandbar. Small Morro Bay signs were rubbed with the pastels and then collaged on with matte medium. Drips in several sizes and colours were added. The final touch, a hand-dyed silk ribbon in blues and greens runs through the water in the foreground.

Detail of above, showing oil pastel and asphaltum glaze over pumice gel.

This foray into land and sea scapes has been interesting- and given me even more respect for the artists whose metier they are. This piece will be available at Open Studios this October.


  1. okay, Pumice gel? The glaze looks great! I've never heard of these. This has a great effect.

  2. Nice! I have SEEN this rock...

  3. This is amazing. And thanks for the close up...I can really get a sense of the texture.