Sunday, June 6, 2010

(The Perils of) Life on the Coast

Here comes summer, and what's more fun than spending some time by the water indulging in fish tacos and a shrimp quesadilla on the outside habour-view patio at our local fish market and grill.

We stood in line, we ordered, we grabbed our table and waited. Mmm... hungry. Finally our number was called, I went to pick up our tray and brought it back. Margot had barely picked up a piece of her quesadilla when a huge seagull landed on the table, grabbed the plate - not just the food, but the plate! - and flew off with it. It hit the ground and a least a dozen gulls surrounded it and in 8 seconds flat - no quesadilla! All that remained of Margot's dinner was the paper plate, a bit of lettuce garnish and a smear of salsa on the chest of the thief.

Good thing I'd ordered 2 fish tacos and was willing to share!


  1. I knew there had to be some drawback to living near the ocean, but I didn't expect it to be that! :)

  2. And I thought this was going to be a post about tourists. The seagull thing was way out of left field.

    And yes, we do still want the heater, it's cold in SLO at night. Gotta find a day when Noah and I both have the day off. Can you just imagine me trying to shove it into the civic?

  3. Oh, did we laugh at this one. Too many breakfasts at Moonstone Beach restaurant, using the spray bottles to try and deflect just the miscreant you described. The whole plate! Call animal control. And they have no shame.