Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 x 6 for Arts Obispo

Musical Standoff 6 x 6"

In conjunction with this fall's Open Studios Tour, Arts Obispo will be presenting a 6 x 6 exhibit in their San Luis Obispo Gallery during the month of October. Participating Open Studio artists will present a variety of paintings, assemblages, sculptures, jewelry and more - all no more than 6 x6 x 6".
Musical Standoff is my entry. Two small (3x3") storage boxes were glued together and then collaged with torn scraps of sheet music, inside and out. The border around the front and back was painted with red acrylic. I gave the sheet music a wash of Golden Acrylic Creme Glaze. The two combatants are interesting bits from the inside of a piano, they were adhered using E-6000.
Quirky and fun!

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  1. Okay, this is so interesting. I love the background. And the mystery of what the heck those things are is better than knowing...