Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Studio Redux, Two

So I had three nights and one day to make the studio transformation while Margot was away. I pulled out all the diagrams, drawings, plans and lists I had come up with in the previous two weeks and got started. Assembling stackables, moving cigar boxes, some things down to the garage, somethings up to the great room, tweaking, arranging - for 3 long evenings. But, after all, who needs sleep? By Sunday morning, most everything was done and it was just the finishing touches and sweeping the, now empty, half of the sunroom.

And here's the punchline to the story - Margot was so wiped out from three days of teaching and driving, that she didn't notice until she'd been home for about an hour! But when she did, she liked it and loved the fact that she had lots of lovely new space in the sunroom to spread out.

I guess it comes down to this - the space in one's home is there to use - do you keep a pristine dedicated guestroom for guests that come once or twice a year, or do you turn it into a shoe studio/client room? Do you keep a big empty space in the great room so there's room for the Christmas tree for two weeks in December or do you set up an art studio? We're very happy with the decisions we've made (and, so far, all our guests have been fine using an airbed in the office!).


  1. Inhospitable me, I've never had a guestroom but for the past nearly 40 years, an office or studio of some sort. May you both create in comfort and joy.

  2. Great choice for the space Erin. It looks like you will create great things there!

  3. Good for you!! This is exactly what we did. We had a spare room, but it was used once or twice a year, and I just took the bed out and made the studio work better for me! I love what you've done. It's self-affirming!