Thursday, July 22, 2010

927 Alternative Art Show

An Altar-ed Book 11 x15" (closed)

It's that time again! Allied Arts of Cambria 927 Alternative Arts Show. Where anything goes and usually does. Art unleashed and titles that are sheer "punishment". My entry this year is An Altar-ed Book. I used an 11 x 15" 2003 commercial atlas discarded by the library, attached round ottoman feet to raise it off the ground, painted the outside a rich blue, and brushed the outer pages with gesso to glue them shut.

The front cover is embellished with a huge metal cross from Michael's homeware department and two small wooden crosses painted with acrylic and adorned with metal crosses. This lifts up to reveal a collage of an altar piece found in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, a fragment of a resin angel and several more of the wooden crosses. I gilded the edges of the book with Golden's Heavy Body Acrylic Iridescent Medium Gold (fine)- one of my favourite paints.

An altered book that's An Altar-ed Book. What will they think of next? The 927 show runs this weekend at the Cambria Vet's Hall and is always a lot of fun.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant!
    ...and hey, anything that came from Grace cathedral (and YOU) has to be amazing. That blue just knocks my socks off.
    Have a fabulous time.